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  • EVA-bags and films

Used in the tire and rubber industry for weighing and packaging additives, main components, fillers, etc. in the production of rubber compounds. It is possible to apply a unique barcode to each of the packages in the consignment.

  • Embossed separating films

Used as a barrier film (liner) for easy separation of adhesive surfaces (calender rubber, pre-pregs, PVB rubberized fabric, silicones, etc.), as a packaging of rubber materials or as a temporary protection, as well to transfer the embossing pattern or roughness on the surface of the manufactured product

  • VCI-bags and films

It is used to protect metals during transportation and storage (from the manufacturer to the consumer, or for inter-shop and warehouse storage), but does not provide further protection if the metal is unpacked.

  • Folio contact® electrostatic self-adhesive whiteboard film

With a slight static charge, FOLIO CONTACT sticks to walls, glass and other smooth surfaces. Draft notes are easily attached to FOLIO CONTACT like a magnet. See for yourself – all you need to do is run a sheet of paper over the film once and you will see how this sheet is fixed in a vertical position.

® FOLIO CONTACT can be used for advertising signs, exhibition pavilions and also for meetings and seminars.